Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cats Are Psychic, Able To Cast Love Spells

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A spell expert in London says cats have a sixth sense that’s purrrfect for finding love.

Clairvoyant Gillian Kemp has just penned The Good Cat Spell Book (Ten Speed Press), which features spells for humans to conduct with their cats to bring love, luck, health, and happiness into their lives.

Kemp says kitties are the most bewitching and spellbinding of all pets and possess “psychic abilities.”

She says lonely owners should tune into their cat’s “spirituality” if they’re looking for love and cast spells.

According to Kemp, cat love spells work best on Friday nights, in a silent room with no electricity and lots of candles.

Let your cat get comfortable and in Kemp’s words, “Hold its paws, look into its eyes, and tell it you love it.”

She says love is the root of every spell’s success and a love between an owner and their kitty will generate good vibes.

Says Kemp: “If your cat is purring or meowing during the spell, that’s even better. You must focus and put real emotion into the spell for it to work.”

The Good Cat Spell Book hits shelves this October.

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