Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It Takes 15 Minutes To Fight A Ghost

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you’re attacked by a ghost, you have exactly 15 minutes to fight back.

That’s according to psychic researcher Dr. James Capers, who has been physically attacked numerous times by violent spirits.

The first time he was assaulted was 22 years ago, when he saw a ghost at a graveyard in plain daylight.

The “unclean spirit” followed him home and tormented him by making electronics in his house go haywire and physically choking him.

He was able to escape by remaining calm, which is the key to surviving a ghost attack.

Once a ghost has a hold on you, Capers says you have 15 minutes to combat the entity before it kills you through “pure fear.”

He explains, “The attack induces fear, and ghosts feed off fear. You could die from a heart attack, which ghosts call a good, clean, untraceable kill.”

Capers says “psychic defense” is the next step against an ornery ghost, where you yell “Stop it!” and, “Encase yourself in a protective pyramid of light.”

Then, in an assertive and commanding tone, one must repel the evil spirits and send them back to the “realm of darkness.”

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