Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stunt Photographer’s Job Is Hard To Swallow

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One unique photographer often shoots things that are hard to swallow.

Photojournalist Jeffery Werner has just put together Incredible Stunts: The Chaos, Crashes, and Courage of the World’s Wildest Stuntmen and Daredevils (Incredible Features, Inc.), a coffee table photo book of professional movie stuntmen and daredevils in action.

Werner has been on many wild shoots throughout his career, including one with a daredevil who’s specialty was picking up razor blades with his eyeball.

He’s also photographed a guy who’s stunt was swallowing a power drill.

He recalls, “I took pictures of him during the stunt and pictures of him afterwards in the hospital, getting X-rays.”

Werner has a strong stomach for weird photography and hiding behind his camera helps him witness things without losing his lunch.

He once shot a “barf artist” who’s talent was hurling on command, who was also an ordained minister and performed mock wedding ceremonies where he’d throw up on the couples at the end.

Werner says, “If it weren’t for my camera in front of my face, I could’ve never watched that!”

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