Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Honey Island Swamp Monster: Real Beast Or Hoax?

SLIDELL, La. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Bigfoot has a cousin in the South, and he too is a monster mystery.

Folks in Slidell, Louisiana, claim that they’ve seen a hairy, six-foot, 300-pound beast with abnormally large eyes stalking the area known as Honey Island Swamp, with reports of strange sightings dating back decades.

According to Paul Trahan, who runs the Honey Island Swamp Tours, the illusive creature has often been referred to as Bigfoot’s cousin, though he finds it “absurd.”

He says, “It’s a thing that no one is sure actually exists, so I don’t know how they’d know it’s related to Bigfoot. I guess anything is possible though.”

In his 26 years working in the swamp, Trahan says he’s never spotted the Honey Island monster, but admits that it could be hiding within the mucky 70,000 acres of untouched swamp land.

He says, “It’d be the perfect place to hide, but it’s also the perfect place to make something up.”

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