Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dodgeball: The Perfect Breeding Ground For Ninjas?

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Becoming a fierce ninja all starts with a game of dodgeball.

Just ask Andrew Vilaythong, spokesman for the Dodgeball Ninjas, a crew of hardcore dodgeball players who battle with a big red ball every week – ninja style.

He brings the schoolyard game to a high-fighting level by dividing the court into three sections instead of two, which encourages sneakiness and surprise attacks from opponents.

Players have also incorporated acrobatics, costumes, and throwing the dodgeball sideways into the game, as if it were a ninja star.

Vilaythong explains, “This is a different game than the one you remember from third grade. It gets crazy and intense. I think dodgeball is probably the training used for baby ninjas.”

Though the league is fiercely competitive, one rule does encourage love between ninjas.

Vilaythong says, “If you hit someone in the face, they’re still out, but you have to give them a hug.”

The Dodgeball Ninjas are having a tournament this Saturday (Jul. 19) in Chicago.

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