Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Broke Folk Pawn Their Grillz To Pay Their Bills

ST. LOUIS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The American economy is in the dumps, and the latest hot trend is to pawn your gold grill to get by.

According to Orlando pawn shop owner Mike Wilson, many broke folks turn to selling their grillz – the blinged-out mouthpiece that’s a staple of hip-hop fashion – so they can fill up their gas tank and pay their bills.

He says, “Gold is premium right now, so we’re giving people top dollar for grillz, gold fillings, and gold teeth. If there’s gold in them teeth, we’ll take ’em.”

Wilson says many people walk into his store and pop the diamond-encrusted teeth right out of their mouths and hand them over.

But many have a hard time fully letting go of their blingin’ chompers.

Wilson explains, “People will pay the interest, then come in on Friday to pick up their grillz for the weekend. They stick them in and head out on the town, then come back Monday and sell them again.”

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