Monday, June 30, 2008

Pet Psychic Soothes Animals About Fourth Of July Fireworks

HOUSTON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Talking to your pets about Fourth Of July fireworks could prevent them from having an explosive freakout that day (Jul. 4).

The Fourth Of July is a popular day for pets to run away from home because they get scared of loud noises from fireworks.

Pet psychic Lai Ubberud says it’s good to prepare your pet for Independence Day by sitting them down on the couch and having a one-on-one talk about the impending blasts.

She suggests pet owners talk to their furry friends a few days before July 4th and tell them something like, “Look, the Fourth Of July is a special day for America and there will be fireworks to celebrate. They won’t harm you. Relax and trust me.”

By opening the lines of communication with your pet, Ubberud says they’ll be calmer when the explosions start.

She says it’s helpful to keep your pet’s favorite blanket or toy accessible to them, that way if they’re feeling scared they’ll have some security.

Also, the calmer the owner is that day, the calmer the pet will be.

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