Friday, June 6, 2008

Name Expert Plays Name Game With Celebrity Moms-To-Be

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – What’s in a name? A lot for the babies-to-be of pregnant mommies Angelina Jolie, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Ashlee Simpson.

According to name expert Kerri Hopkins, the celeb moms-to-be need to choose their new babies’ names wisely, so their tiny tots turn out well-adjusted.

For instance, Hopkins discourages Jolie, Spears, and Simpson from choosing any baby names with letters “G” or “U” in them, because names with those letters usually lead to closed-off, self-reliant kids who “won’t give their hearts to anyone.”

Instead, she suggests Jolie and Brad Pitt stick to including ”X” in their twins’ names, since the letter – already in sons Maddox’s and Pax’s names – typically represents strong, bold babies.

As for Jamie Lynn, Hopkins says she should stick to a down- home family name like her own for her baby, especially if it’s a girl, because female Jamies are very “capable, sweet, and fun-loving.”

She says Simpson and husband Pete Wentz should have no problem deciding on their first born’s name, because their own names reflect fortunate people who make the best out of any situation.

Hopkins is the author of You’re Such A Dave (Ingraham) and Breaking The Name Code (Entities).

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