Monday, June 2, 2008

The Hamptons Offers A Wealth Of Words

BRIDGEHAMPTON, N.Y. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Every region has its own wealth of slang words – including the ritzy Hamptons.

Hamptons resident and satirist Miles Jaffe has just penned The Hamptons Dictionary (The Disinformation Company), a lexical guide to the local lingo that’s used in one of the world’s wealthiest areas.

Jaffe says the most commonly used term in the Hamptons is “Citiot,” which refers to an idiot from the city who behaves obnoxiously.

Other Hamptons lingo includes...

  • Aggrichvation: The aggravation of having to deal with the rich.

  • Dinner Theater: A couple having a major fight in a swanky restaurant.

  • Hamptonectomy: Radical removal from the Hamptons, often self-imposed for medical reasons.

  • Hummeroid: An extremely irritating condition that consists of having a Hummer riding your ass while driving.

  • Shittirati: Poorly behaved celebrities featured in the media.

  • SPRICK: A spoiled rich kid.

    Jaffe says “Hamptonite” may be the most commonly misused word around the Hamptons, since it actually refers to a “self-centered, a■■hole who stops at car accidents to ask police for directions.”

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