Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Magician TV Host Enjoys Being Fooled

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One magician and TV host enjoys being tricked by his own trade.

Jonathan Levit is the host of Celebracadabra, a new VH1 reality show that pits celebs like Carnie Wilson, C. Thomas Howell, and Christopher “Kid” Reid against one another as they learn what it takes to become a masterful magician.

The TV gig is right up Levit’s alley because he’s been doing magic since he was eight years old, and knows practically every trick in the book – except for one.

There’s a magic trick invented by Samuel Cox Hooker in 1914 called the “Hooker Card Rise,” in which a magician mysteriously makes cards rise out of a deck so that they’re floating in the air.

Levit saw the trick done at a magic conference once, and is baffled by it to this day.

He explains, “It’s the greatest mystery in magic and I have no idea how it’s done. Only a few people in the world know how to do it, and it’s rarely performed. I love it! For a magician, it’s a delight to be fooled by a magic trick.”

Celebracadabra premieres Sunday (Apr. 27) on VH1.

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