Friday, February 29, 2008

No Rules For Rockin’ Leap Day (Feb. 29) Parties

KEIZER, Ore. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A Leap Year expert has some tips to get your Leap Day (Feb. 29) party poppin’ and hoppin’ today.

Raenell Dawn is the co-founder of, an Internet club for people born on February 29, who says the only rule to a rockin’ Leap Day party is that there are no rules.

Dawn says, “It’s not like Christmas or July Fourth – there’s nothing religious or governmental attached to a Leap Year party. It’s an extra day to do whatever you want.”

If your planning on throwing a Leap Day party, Dawn suggests making frog-themed decorations or cupcakes, but be careful bringing real frogs to the festivities.

Dawn says, “Frogs are so little. Can you imagine someone passing around a frog if they’ve been drinking?”

And Dawn – a Leapy herself – says anyone’s welcome to celebrate.

She says, “Leap on and party like it happens every four years. For us leapies, it’s extra exciting, but everyone’s allowed to leap.”

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