Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Human Body Is Built To Last

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The human body is rough, tough, and bad to the bone.

That’s the subject of a new four-part series on Discovery Channel called Human Body: Pushing The Limits, which explores the incredible physical and mental feats the body performs during the most challenging crisis situations.

Producer John Grassie says the complexity and design of the human body and the reactions our bodies naturally have during tough times are “unbelievable.”

For example, the show features a man who was yanked out of his house and hurled into the whirlwind of a tornado, landing on the ground a quarter-mile away from his home, unharmed.

Grassie says the natural reaction of the man’s body was to go limp, which is what saved his life.

During the tornado, a woman was trapped under a giant pile of rubble, but her vital organs were protected by her rib cage, which naturally expanded over the organs during crisis mode.

Other natural facts about the body include: The tiny piece of cartilage in our knees is twice as strong as nylon rope, the rib cage can withstand half a ton of weight, and the femur, although hollow, is stronger than concrete.

Human Body: Pushing The Limits, premieres this Sunday (Mar. 2) on Discovery Channel.

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