Monday, February 4, 2008

Pancake Racing Takes Major Skillet

LIBERAL, Kan. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It takes major skills – and a skillet – to win a pancake race.

The 59th Annual International Pancake Day Race is heading to Liberal, Kansas, tomorrow (Feb. 5), and the 20 ladies competing are hoping to batter their long time rivals in Olney, England.

Racers in both towns run a 415-yard track wearing head scarves and aprons while holding a hot cake in a skillet. Then they compare times to see which country is the ace of cakes.

And winning the race, which currently stands at 31 wins for Liberal and 25 for Olney, requires sneaky strategies.

Spokesperson JoAnn Combs says, “If a racer drops the pancake, they lose time because they have to stop and pick it up before they can go again. They usually hang onto the pancake with their thumb so it won’t drop.”

Though many women train for the event, Combs says some “just show up on the day and run.”

But many end up with the taste of asphalt, not victory, in their mouths.

Combs says, “We’ve had a number of girls fall. It helps to wear good running shoes.”

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