Monday, January 28, 2008

Adult Superstar Rips Undies Off Men For Charity

LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One adult film star is using her titillating talents to get men’s panties in a bunch.

At adult entertainment expos like AVN in Las Vegas, porn princess Ava Devine has been pulling a sexy stunt on her male fans where she tugs on their underwear, rips off their boxers or briefs, and keeps their undies.

Devine says her signature move “spices things up” at conventions and is fun for her because she’s “frisky,” and enjoys the feeling of male genitalia.

She explains, “I love playing with men’s genitalia; It excites me. I think I’m a bigger pervert than some of my male fans!”

And while the panty purloining usually has the crowd, the fans, and Devine in stitches, the ballsy stunt isn’t just for pleasure.

Devine recently divulged to that she plans to make a quilt out of the underwear she’s collected, sell it, and donate the proceeds to charity.

She estimates she has 35 to 50 pairs of male underwear in her collection – all different lengths, patterns, and colors – and hasn’t decided whether or not she’ll wash the undies before she sews them into a quilt.

Devine explains, “I think the underwear are better crusty, but I don’t know if someone will buy a quilt made of dirty underwear. But it is for charity, so maybe they’ll see past that.”

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