Wednesday, December 26, 2007

‘American’ Monk Passes On Iron Crotch Training

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Some monks would give their right nut to be a Kung Fu master, but one former student refused to go completely balls out for martial arts.

During the early 90s, Matthew Polly studied martial arts with some Shaolin monks in China.

But while he was dedicated, he admits he simply didn’t have the balls to take lessons in the ancient discipline of “Iron Crotch” from a man known only as “Master Dong.”

Says Polly: “When I first met Dong, he had me kick him in the groin. It didn’t affect him at all but I hurt my foot.”

He says after that, Dong instantly took him under his wing and even took him to his hometown to watch him train.

Polly explains, “He asked me if I wanted to train with him, but it was just too much for me – especially when he told me he put the family jewels on a table and hit them for a half hour every morning.”

Polly goes balls out in his memoir, American Shaolin: Flying Kicks, Buddhist Monks, and the Legend of Iron Crotch: An Odyssey in the New China (Gotham).

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