Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tony Romo’s Lust Leads To Gridiron Disappointment

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has been struck by Cupid’s arrow, and his lustful feelings are distracting him on the football field.

This past Sunday (Dec. 16), Romo played the worst game of his career in a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, where he had numerous fumbles, interceptions, and sacks on the turf.

This all took place while rumored gal pal Jessica Simpson sat in the stands wearing a pink Dallas jersey with Romo’s number on it.

And according to Ohio-based curse expert Miriam Garabrant, Romo’s horrible playing in Simpson’s presence is no coincidence – it’s a love curse.

Garabrant says Romo wasn’t able to perform on the field because he was distracted about performing with Simpson in the sack.

Upon “scanning” Romo’s brain, Garabrant discovered that the pigskin pro’s mind during the game was solely focused on sex and “hooking up” with Simpson.

And the fact that the blonde bombshell’s parents were also in the stands added to Romo’s distraction.

Garabrant explains, “Tony was not pleased that Jessica’s parents were there because he felt like they were sheltering her. He wants Jessica to be fully ready for sex and not behaving like some little girl scout.”

And although Simpson may have cursed the gridiron giant, he’s not letting anything intercept their relationship.

Garabrant adds, “He’ll still be dating her around Super Bowl time, whether his team likes it or not.”

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