Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Is Sweeter In Micronesia

KOSRAE, Micronesia (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – For one Micronesian village, Christmas is just a little bit sweeter.

The citizens of Kosrae, a small village in Micronesia, celebrate Christmas with sweet and sassy style by having people throw candy at each other in the church square.

The candy tossing starts after marching groups from all over the South Pacific island perform on Christmas day.

In the confection ceremony, large shopping bags full of candy are pulled out, tossed into the crowds, and flung around to sweeten the mood.

But village spokesperson Katrina Adams says the sweet celebration can end on a sour note, especially when the candy chucking gets out of hand.

She explains, “We usually use the wrapped hard candy, and sometimes the kids get a little excited and start pelting each other with it. It’s like Santa on steroids, and it goes on all day!”

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