Monday, November 26, 2007

Trailer Trash Doll Fixin’ To Hit Your Gift List

FAIRFAX, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A new white trash doll is hoping to drink, fart, and cuss his way onto your holiday hit list.

Jer Wayne Junior is the newest doll from Gibby Novelties, and the magnificently mulleted mini-man – who comes complete with an earring, NASCAR tattoo, greasy white tank top, cut-off jeans, and cigarette – is not only trashy, but truly authentic.

Doll creator Daniel Gibby says he was recently doing a radio interview in Missouri, where a caller confessed that her brother and her uncle are both named Jer Wayne.

Gibby says, “After a few beers, it’s like saying John Wayne!”

The dirty doll also trash-talks – if you push a button on his chest, he farts and says lewd lines like, “Fifteen of them beers and yer still ugly!” and “Honest, I’m not lyin’ through my tooth!”

And while Gibby does the doll’s dirty voice, don’t expect him to gab on Jer Wayne’s inspiration.

Gibby says, “A lot of customers ask if we modeled it after Kevin Federline, but I won’t say!”

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