Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Creepy Museum Needs A Big Ovarian Cyst

PHILADELPHIA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A creepy museum in Philadelphia is looking for a big ovarian cyst to help spook up Halloween.

The Mutter Museum at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, which displays morbid matter like a five-foot long human colon that once contained 40-pounds of poo and several preserved human fetuses, is having their first ever Halloween costume night tomorrow (Oct. 31).

And according to museum spokesperson Brandon Zimmerman, they’re hoping to see some strange costumes to match the museum’s odd specimens.

He says, “It would be great to see some of our displays as costumes. We’re hoping for a big ovarian cyst or a severed gangrenous arm. They’d be like walking advertisements for our museum.”

Though the eerie exhibit is open year round, Zimmerman says the freak factor is usually kept to a minimum.

He says, “We don’t play up the freak show aspect of our museum. But it is the perfect late night spot for the unusual. There are some grotesque and freaky things to see, but it’s very peaceful.”

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