Monday, October 15, 2007

No Cash, No Credit, No Problem For Extreme Adventurer

ROSEAU, Dominica (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Social skills and a World Wide Web of friends are keeping one brave and broke voyager on the road.

Alex Boylan won the road-tripping reality show The Amazing Race II, and now as the host of Around The World For Free, Boylan is traveling the world with no money, and only a little help from his friends to keep him going.

Boylan’s travels are chosen by folks at, and he never knows where in the world he’ll end up, or how he’ll get there.

Through some odd jobs along the way, like a bartending gig in Puerto Rico, Boylan has managed to scrap together some cash, but the trekking traveler is determined to stay true to the extreme exploring theme of the show.

He says, “This journey is about forcing cultural interactions, not padding my pockets. I have $22 dollars on me right now.”

To track Boylan’s adventure visit

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