Monday, October 8, 2007

Flipping The Bird Never Looked So Good

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Next time you flip someone the bird, an author in New York encourages you to think about your technique.

Self-proclaimed flip-off artist Jason Joseph has just co- written a book called 101 Ways To Flip The Bird (Broadway Books), a guide on the most creative ways to give someone the finger which was inspired by some brotherly bird bonding.

Joseph wrote the book with his brother, Rick, after they met up for dinner and Rick flipped the bird to him while waving, which was in Joseph’s words, “The smoothest way to flip the bird I’ve ever seen.”

Among Joseph’s bird-baring techniques in the book are the “Fake Flash,” where a girl pretends to flash a group of guys by pulling up her shirt a bit, but ends up giving them the double bird instead of the goods, and the “Here, I’ve Got Something For You” where if a friend asks you for money, you simply reach into your pocket and pull out a classic finger instead of cash.

But it’s the bird without the actual finger that Joseph finds the most effective.

He explains, “ ‘The Playboy’ or ‘Hugh Hefner’ bird doesn’t require any actual flipping off. You just have to be rich, famous, and have women falling all over you, and people get the point!”

101 Ways To Flip The Bird hits shelves tomorrow (Oct. 9).

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