Tuesday, September 25, 2007

PMS Survival Kits Make Your Period Sweet

CLEVELAND (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ladies, if your period is making you bitter, one Cleveland-based candy company has a sweet solution.

Confection king Scott Hughes runs groovycandies.com – a website that sells sweet treats and classic candy gift packages – and he hopes his latest candy concoction, the “PMS Survival Kit,” hits a sweet spot with his female clients – period.

The PMS kit comes with all the essentials to get ladies through that rough time of the month, including plenty of chocolate and salty snacks like salt and vinegar potato chips, pumpkin seeds, and a nut roll, and even a little pig keychain that reminds them of how bloated they feel.

But the bright idea for the kit wasn’t all Hughes’ doing.

Hughes explains, “My wife and some ladies that work for us told me exactly what I needed to include in the kit. I was outnumbered, so I listened.”

Hughes believes the kits will be popular as gifts exchanged among women, and is interested to see if the sales all happen at one specific time of the month, since women who are close to each other tend to have synchronized menstrual cycles.

The PMS Survival Kit will be available mid-October on groovycandies.com.

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