Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Game Celebrates Welfare Fraud

ANNAPOLIS, MD. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – For the working person, there’s nothing like looking forward to losing your job.

Well, at least that’s the hope in a board game called The Welfare Game.

The game – which was at one point banned all over America – has players trying to stay on welfare, have as many out- of-wedlock children as possible, commit crimes, and hopefully marry a government worker.

Co-creator Robert Johnson, Jr. says the game is most popular with tax groups, working individuals, and a lot of people from the South, Texas, and California, mostly because it’s the working class who pay for the winners to live their lavish welfare lives.

Johnson remarks, “The game was suppressed in the 80s because it mirrored reality, and the government felt it was embarrassing to the welfare system.”

While Johnson understands why the government would be against such a game, he doesn’t get why the working class would be against it.

He says, “Why would anyone object to a welfare fraud game?”

For more info, check out www.welfaregame.com.

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