Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Zombies Lurch Toward White House

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Forget Republican or Democrat, your best bet in the upcoming election might just be a flesh-eating zombie.

That’s the joke from Brett Dewey, co-founder of Zombiepresidents.com, a site that sells shirts depicting the undead images of former presidents Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and John F. Kennedy.

From now until the 2008 election, Dewey’s site is sponsoring the “Dead Men Running,” contest, which will give prizes to people who take pictures of themselves closest to a candidate while wearing one of the terrifying T-shirts.

And while the freaky fashion is funny, Dewey says a real zombie in office would be a living nightmare.

He says, “I question the motivation of a real zombie president. The brain-eating tendencies might not be something you want in the White House. Dennis Kucinich isn’t looking that healthy, but the first requirement for being a zombie is that you have to die, and I’m not wishing that upon anybody.”

For more info, check out zombiepresidents.com.

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