Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dinosaurs Make A Modern Comeback

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Dinosaurs are making a modern day comeback and learning to co-exist with humans – but luckily, only on TV.

Discovery Kids Channel and BBC have just created a new series called DinoSapien, which explores what would happen if dinosaurs were roaming the earth today in an evolved state.

Although dinos of today would still be pretty dangerous, series producer Rick Siggelkow did everything he could to portray dinosaurs in a humane light.

Siggelkow explains, “The main dinosaur is a sweet, gentle giant named Eno who has been separated from his family. He’s not very scary, he’s actually pretty lovable, kind of like the dinosaur E.T.

And while Siggelkow used human traits to create Eno’s personality, birds were the true inspiration for the physical appearance of the fictional, evolved dinos on the show.

Says Siggelkow: “Birds are the closest thing to dinosaurs that we have on this earth, so we used their evolution as a springboard. Cockatoos, vultures, and ravens helped us create the dino-language you will hear, as well as some of the physical features of the dinosaurs.”

DinoSapien debuts on Discovery Channel Kids July 7th.

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