Friday, June 1, 2007

Film And Friends Don’t Mix For Hollywood Host

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One hot Hollywood host is keeping her love for movies a guarded secret.

Adrianna Costa hosts Fox’s On the Lot, a competition to find Tinseltown’s next big-shot director, and while her gig puts Costa face-to-face with eager, and ego-driven, contestants, she’s had to remain careful not to let her own film fanaticism come out.

Costa says, “I’m a huge fan of horror films, like The Hills Have Eyes, and psychological thrillers like The Shining. I also like sexy movies, like Secretary and Almost Famous, and all Tim Burton movies. Anything that evokes emotion.”

But Costa has learned to keep her big-screen biases to herself during the show so she doesn’t influence the wannabe directors.

She says, “I’d definitely be friends with the contestants outside of the show, but I have to draw the line and remain objective. I can’t be too close.”

Costa adds, “It’s funny though. If I jokingly hit on a contestant, they get all uncomfortable and awkward!”

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