Monday, May 28, 2007

President Bush To Stand Trial On Silver Screen

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – President George W. Bush may already be in hot oil for his war policy in Iraq, but one filmmaker is ready to put him on trial for it.

Director Bob Boris is calling witnesses for a movie he’s based on the book U.S. V. Bush (Seven Stories Press), a book indicting the president and his administration for conspiracy to defraud the country into war.

As Boris puts it, “There are tons of different points of view with what went wrong in Iraq, but no one has put them all under one umbrella.”

But for this movie trial of the century, Boris is filling up the court and grand jury box with celebrities.

He says, “Could I go to Susan Sarandon? Yes. Could I go to Tim Robbins? Yes, but there are a lot of people up for this, not just those from the left wing.”

Boris says his film will not be a hatchet job against Dubya, but it will probably split a few gray hairs on the Prez’s head.

He adds, “I can’t imagine this film would be number one on any list at the White House.”

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