Thursday, May 17, 2007

Help A Jerk Realize They’re An A-Hole

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Everyone knows a jerk or two, and now a man in New York has the perfect way to tell bullies everywhere they’re a■■holes – literally.

Jokester Don Klein has just invented a gag gift that will make jerks the butt of all jokes – a rubber butthole that can be sent anonymously with a standard note that explains to the recipient why exactly they’re an a■■hole.

The rubber insult can be purchased on, and Klein says the response for the gift has been explosive.

Says Klein: “We’ve sold a lot of them, mostly to women who send them to their exes or husbands. It’s just a nice way to say ‘Hey, F■ck you.”’

The buttholes have also sold big because Klein’s site offers a list of hundreds of celebrities like Alec Baldwin, Don Imus, and Paris Hilton that folks can anonymously send the little gift to.

He adds, “Besides being funny, the a■■hole is just meant to make people really think about their attitude. Who knows, if you ‘hole’ somebody it may just make them realize ‘Wow, I am a jerk,” and hopefully they’ll change their ways.”

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