Friday, April 6, 2007

Giant Crabs May Pry Open Mystery Of Amelia Earhart’s Whereabouts

WILMINGTON, Del. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – This year marks the 70th anniversary of when famed female aviatrix Amelia Earhart disappeared during a flight over the Pacific Ocean.

Her remains were never found but now a group of explorers are hoping a bunch of giant crabs can pry open the mystery of her whereabouts.

Richard Gillespie, the head of The International Group for Historical Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), is leading an expedition to the remote island of Nikumaroro, where some skeletal remains thought to be Earhart’s were supposedly discovered in 1940.

Forensic experts who’ve analyzed the bones believe they belong to a white European woman about Earhart’s height, and since the island is so remote – about 700 miles from Samoa – that Gillespie thinks they probably belong to Earhart.

However, he’s relying on the island’s main residents, a group of large coconut crabs who measure 2-feet-long on their backs to fill in the details.

Gillespie is pretty sure those crabs ate Earhart and since they live in excess of 70 years, the critters might have her bone fragments tucked away in their burrows.

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