Thursday, March 15, 2007

Leprechaun-Cam Searches For Little People

BELFAST, Ireland (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Leprechaun sightings are pretty common in Belfast, Ireland, and one investigation group hopes to catch one on camera before St. Patrick’s Day.

An Irish investigation group has been using a web cam on in hopes of spotting a group of leprechauns believed to live in a wooded area called the “fairy ring.”

Spokesman John Murphy hopes the web cam will help those who have never seen leprechauns catch a glimpse of the “little people” but only wants people report real sightings.

Says Murphy: “Sometimes, people don’t take the leprechauns too seriously and make things up about what they see. We just want to know if they really, truly exist.”

However, Murphy says there are some reports that imply that the leprechauns are very real.

For example, web cam watchers have previously reported seeing “small figures in corners, staring at them,” someone in “little green clothing” and even mysterious occurrences where leprechauns “vanish into thin air.”

Murphy adds, “It seems the leprechauns act up a bit around the cameras and it makes for good watching.”

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