Friday, March 9, 2007

‘Blood Ties’ Actress Won’t Be A Vampire’s Bitch

MARBLE RIDGE, B.C. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The Lifetime network is known for its tearjerkers and chick flicks and now it’s tackling vampire lovers with its newest series, Blood Ties.

The series stars Christina Cox as a private investigator who falls for a vampire. But while the show IS on Lifetime, she won’t let her character Vicki get into any typical Lifetime situations.

Says Cox: “Don’t expect a demon bride on the run from an abusive hunchback husband or a pregnant teen elf. Although anything goes when vampires and mythological creatures are concerned.”

Cox admits falling for a vampire on the show does fit right into the Lifetime niche because the bloodsuckers tend to have “addictive personalities” like many characters on other Lifetime shows.

As she puts it, “Once you go vampire, it’s hard to go back. You have to act like you’re dating an addict, and you either have to accept them or move on.”

That means Vicki must deal with jealousy issues as well, since her vampire must go elsewhere to satisfy his blood lust.

She explains: “He doesn’t touch her at all, but has other people he feeds off. During filming, I learned that vampires can feed off a person and not kill them.”

She continues: “That means you can be a vampire’s bitch for a long time but Vicki ain’t NOBODY’S bitch.”

Blood Ties premieres Sunday (Mar. 11) on Lifetime.

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