Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Nancy Travis: ‘No Binge Drinking For Me’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Nancy Travis plays the mom of a binge drinker in the new movie, The Party Never Stops, but she admits the party never got started for her in college.

Travis plays Sara Paxton’s concerned mom in the upcoming Lifetime flick, which chronicles a college freshmen’s descent into alcohol abuse.

Although the movie centers on partying, Travis admits she wasn’t much help to her young costar because she went to New York University – a school, she points out, that’s not known for its hard partying ways.

She explains: “There’s no sororities or campus life. We were scattered all over the city and had to take the subway to classes so it wasn’t really conducive to hard partying.”

Travis says NYU’s lack of parties didn’t help her alcohol tolerance either and she still can only handle one glass of wine before feeling tipsy.

As she puts it, “I was never one to keep drinking. I can only remember one or two times where I drank so much that I threw up, but I never passed out or blacked out or anything like that. This movie was definitely a revelation.”

The Party Never Stops debuts March 26 on Lifetime.

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