Friday, January 26, 2007

It’s ‘Trekker,’ Not ‘Trekkie,’ According To One ‘Geek’

MILWAUKEE (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Beauty and the Geek’s recent reject says he’s learned a lot from the show – mainly that he isn’t afraid to defend his beloved Star Trek – or its fans.

‘Geek’ and “Trekker” Drew Sawa says he constantly has to correct people who get confused and call him a “Trekkie.”

Says Sawa: “I don’t really get that offended, but I do feel the need to correct them on it – it’s Trekker not Trekkie.”

He and his ‘Beauty’ partner Erin Gipson were kicked off the show on Wednesday (Jan. 24), but the show has already opened doors – especially in the Star Trek community.

Sawa says he’s been contacted by many Trekkers through his MySpace and Facebook pages who want to know his opinion on the upcoming movie and which captain he prefers – Kirk or Picard.

Says Sawa: “It’s really opened the door to conversation.”

But not all of his new friends are Trekkers – girls have contacted him as well to tell him “how hot I looked in my new outfit.”

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