Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Futurist Propose Extraterrestrial Guest Worker Program

VICTORIA, B.C. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – U.S. officials are proposing a guest worker program for undocumented immigrant workers and now a futurist in Victoria, British Columbia, would like to do the same for extraterrestrials. Dr. Alfred Webre is one of the authors of the Star Dreams Initiative, which is a document that proposes how to create diplomatic relations with “intelligent off-planet cultures.” Webre says there’s evidence suggesting one such group lives under the surface of Mars and is only 150 years ahead of us technologically – which isn’t so much that it could overwhelm us.” He says there’s evidence that Mars is becoming a difficult place to live and figures an E.T. guest worker program would benefit Earth because, “they already have experience dealing with a collapsed atmosphere.” Webre officially unveiled the Star Dreams Initiative last May in Victoria and hopes the announcement launches a “decade of discovery” where Earth’s place in a populated universe is studied in depth. He also hopes that it inspires undocumented E.T.s who’ve been working for various governments and corporations to come out of hiding.

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