Thursday, November 23, 2006

‘No Noising’ Chosen As Top Chinglish Phrase Of 2006

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Chinese and English are coming together more and more these days – into something called “Chinglish.”

That’s according to the Global Language Monitor, an association that tracks the popularity usage of various words all over the world.

Currently, experts say the phrase “No Noising” – a variation of “Quiet please” – is the top Chinglish phrase of the year.

Other Chinglish phrases making the cut include...

  • “Airline Pulp,” which is the food served aboard an airplane.

  • A “jumping umbrella” is the Chinglish term for a hand-glider. – A “deformed man toilet” refers to a handicapped bathroom.

    Finally, if you see a sign that says “Question Authority,” you may be near a Chinglish-speaking information booth.

    Global Language Monitor spokesman Paul JJ Payack admits 90 percent of Chinglish phrases don’t make sense “unless you understand the context.” However, he adds: “Once you do, it’s a wonderful and creative language.”

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