Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You Could Run Into Bambi – Literally

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you’re not careful, there’s a good chance you could run into Bambi in the coming weeks – literally.

According to new deer data by State Farm Insurance, the months of October through December are when most collisions between automobiles and deer, elk or moose take place.

Even worse: Experts say the antler accidents are on the rise, especially in Pennsylvania, the No. 1 state for moose mash-ups.

Experts say antler accidents have increased from 17,824 in the previous year to 18.846 in the last year.

Michigan and Illinois are also reporting high numbers of deer- vehicle collisions but the accidents are on the rise even in places like Hawaii.

For instance, there were 12 collisions in the past year compared to just one in the previous 12 months before that.

You can avoid bashing Bambi by taking extra care between 6-9 p.m., when most of the crashes take place, using high-beam headlights in deer-heavy areas and being aware that deer and elk move in packs so if you see one, there are probably several nearby.

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