Monday, September 11, 2006

‘Meta-bigots’ Word-Rape Popular Culture With Comedy Meant To Offend

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you agree with the hosts opinionated rants on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report or Steve Carell’s fictional clueless boss character on The Office – then you’re a fan of so-called “mega-bigots.”

And it’s also just as likely as not that the real joke is on YOU.

Rachel Weingarten is a noted pop culture and trends expert that says meta-bigots like comedian Sarah Silverman are fascinating because “many Americans laugh with” her bigoted comedic routines “and not at them.”, by the way, was reviewing Silverman when it first coined the phrase, “mega-bigot” – but Colbert, HBO’s Da Ali G Show and even 70s sitcom bigot Archie Bunker have also been labeled as such.

Weingarten says it’s not always easy to know when to laugh AT or WITH a mega-bigot, because, as she points out: “It may be out of fashion to mock a race or religion, but it’s okay to make fun of ugly or fat people in our lookist society.”

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