Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Pop Culture Stacks The Deck Against Tarot Cards

CHICAGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The deck is stacked against a fair portrayal of tarot cards, according to a tarot card teacher in Chicago.

Paul Quinn says he loves when tarot cards are used as a dramatic device in films like Woody Allen’s new comedy, Scoop, but thinks screenwriters should delve into the cards more deeply if they want to make their scripts more dramatic and accurate.

For instance, the “Death” card doesn’t mean someone is going to kick the bucket, it merely signifies a “personal transformation.”

Quinn says if filmmakers would simply consult with him, he could help them use the tarot in a manner that would be more accurate and more dramatic.

He also hopes that his instruction would convince filmmakers not to cast tarot card readers as crackpots or comic relief in films.

But while Quinn predicts his efforts will help change the perception of tarot cards, he admits he doesn’t know when or how to stop people from mispronouncing them as “tarret cards.”

In his words, “John Lennon did that in one of his songs and, while I love him, I had to look in my heart to find forgiveness.”

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