Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Anti-Christ Revealed: Beware The 5th Buddha

MIDLAND, Mich. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’s 6/6/06 – Do you know where your Anti-Christ is?

A biblical scholar in Midland, Michigan does and he’s revealing it to the world.

The scholar – who is known as “Pastor Harry” – has just announced the name of the Anti-Christ at www.satansrapture.com, and, contrary to previous claims, it’s not previous suspects like Pope Benedict XVI, George W. Bush or the head of some multinational corporation.

Instead, Pastor Harry – who is basing his findings on various biblical codes – is pointing the finger at a man who calls himself the “Fifth Buddha,” and has been trying to announce himself as the Messiah since 1982.

This man is also known as “Maitreya” but Harry doesn’t mention him by name because saying it supposedly “invokes great evil.”

Still, he says this “Fifth Buddha” will soon announce himself as the “savior of all religions” and figures informing people now will help prevent “the son of Lucifer’s rise to power.”

No word on when the Anti-Christ will appear but Harry says a British man named Benjamin Creme – whom he calls “Maitreya’s John The Baptist” – is scheduled to speak at the United Nations later today (June 6).

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