Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rapper Fed Up With Federline

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The verdict is out on Kevin Federline’s budding rap career, but there seems to be a big market for anti-K-Fed raps.

A New York-based performer named “Disco The Kid” has just recorded an angry hip hop tune targeting Federline called “Wigga Please” that seems to be more popular than Mr. Spears’ own songs.

Some of the lyrics in the disco diatribe include If it wasn’t for Britney/ You wouldn’t be rappin’/ You’d be wipin’ your a with a Burger King napkin.

The Kid – whose real name is Doug Wortel – says he penned the K-Fed critique because he hates how Federline “has this notion he can pick up a microphone and freestyle. But this isn’t the 1980s. Rap is a real art form now.”

The Kid isn’t completely down on K-Fed. He admits Federline is a good dancer but adds, “He shouldn’t do music.”

So far, “Wigga Please” is getting so much attention that Federline has blocked any mention of the tune from his MySpace web page.

The Kid doesn’t know how K-Fed’s wife, Britney Spears, is reacting to the tune, but he hopes that one day when they’re arguing she will bring up the song when they’re in the heat of battle.

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