Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hispanic Marketing Expert Promotes Immigration ‘Buycott’

FORT WORTH, Tex. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If the immigrants rights protesters really want to make a statement on May 1, they’d be better off buying in than boycotting with a walk-out.

That’s according to Juan Faura, who is an expert on marketing to the Hispanic community in America.

Faura argues that the people who are planning national protest boycotts aimed at federal immigration-law reform would do better to reverse their tactics – go to work that day, but only “buy certain products and services” supporting pro- immigrant “causes and communities.”

In Faura’s words, “A boycott or walkout is the stupidest idea ever – it will only hurt the corporate notion of the [immigrant Hispanic] market.”

He adds, “But if these companies are spoken directly to” in a language they understand – the bottom line – then “they will respond with overwhelming support more directly.”

Faura is the author of Hispanic Marketing Grows Up (Paramount Books) and The Whole Enchilada: Hispanic Marketing 101 (Paramount Books).

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