Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Movie About Illegal Lesbians Protests ‘Stars & Straights’

LOS ANGELES – (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Naturalization ain’t easy if you’re an illegal alien in love with an American citizen of the same sex.

That’s the protest-minded premise of the upcoming independent film called Maple Palm, the story of two lesbians in love – and in danger of being torn apart by the immigration policies of the United States.

As Maple Palm producer Robert J. Feldman puts it, “If a gay American falls in love with a foreigner, there’s no legal way for the couple to legally [live together in America] but if a straight man gets a mail-order bride, she’ll have a green card [immediately].”

Feldman wants to know: “How is that NOT a security risk?”

The movie is sure to bring comparisons to the wildly popular Brokeback Mountain, but, in fact, Feldman says Maple was purposely written with female leads in mind.

As he puts it: “It probably wouldn’t have such titillating appeal if it was about two gay guys – but two girls kissing always sends a tingle to men’s crotches. Hey, we could do a lot worse than [promoting it on] Howard Stern.”

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