Thursday, February 23, 2006

‘The Amazing Race’s’ Secret Weapon: Jet Lag

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – There are lots of reasons why The Amazing Race has been successful, but host Phil Keoghan admits one of the show’s secret weapons is jet lag.

The show debuts for its ninth season on Tuesday (Feb. 28), and the 11 teams will travel 60,000 miles in a 29-day period.

As a result, Keoghan is certain that jet lag will play a factor in how the contestants react to the culture shock and “mental leaps of faith” that they will inevitably face.

But while the teams have no clue what to expect in the game itself, Keoghan says producers insist they’re made aware of how to behave in the host countries.

As he puts it, “Some contestants have assumptions about the rest of the world but we make sure they know that they are visitors and to be respectful of their environment.”

Keoghan says some teams on past shows have been “ugly Americans” while others have been “good ambassadors” but, all in all, he thinks the series has given all Americans “insight into what the rest of the world is really like.”

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