Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympic Athletes At Risk Of Psychic Vampires

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The Winter Olympics officially begin today (Feb. 10) and the competitors will not only have to battle against the best in their sport, but also the worst psychic vampires imaginable.

That’s the spooky word from paranormal expert Dr. James Capers, who is predicting a rash of psychic attacks towards athletes like Bode Miller and Michelle Kwan.

Capers says that some jealous people from various countries will send out bad vibes to athletes in hopes that they break a leg and lose their competitions.

In fact, he says there’s a good chance that some bad sports from the smaller countries will gather in bars to focus all their negative energies on favored athletes to give their own athletes a fighting chance.

But there is hope. Capers says people can help stop the gold medal meddling by sending out an aura of blue light to your favorite Olympian to protect the “vampires” from sucking their energy.

Dr. Capers discusses other psychic secrets in a new DVD, Learn To Defend Yourself From Psychic Attack, Witchcraft And Sorcery.

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