Thursday, February 2, 2006

Celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday On Lindbergh’s Birthday – Or Vice Versa

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Abraham Lincoln’s birthday falls on Feb. 12, but you could also celebrate early on Feb. 4 – Charles Lindbergh’s birthday – because Lucky Lindy is Lincoln reincarnated.

Sound confusing? Well, not according to past life expert Richard Salva, who compares the two American icons in his new book, Soul Journey (Crystar Press).

He claims that Lindbergh was indeed a reincarnation of Abe Lincoln and bases his findings on hundreds of “physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual” connections.

For example, he says, Lincoln had an obsession with death and Lindbergh once wrote that as a child, death was something he was “puzzled over.”

Also, when Lincoln gave speeches, his voice pitch would go up and his Midwestern accent became more prominent. Same with Lindbergh.

Salva also found that the two men married women who were the same height, spoke French and had secondary schooling.

Even more interesting: Lincoln’s first sweetheart was a woman named Ann Rutledge, who died before they could tie the knot, and Lindbergh’s wife was named Anne [Morrow].

He figures this was probably a case of “two lovers being reunited in the next lifetime.”

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