Thursday, January 12, 2006

Musicologist Not Convinced New ‘Lennon’ Songs Are Real

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Los Angeles musician Bruce Bierman is insisting he co-wrote songs with John Lennon, but a musicologist who’s studied the Beatles is singing a different tune.

In the words of musician, composer and professor of copyright law, Michael Harrington: “I think this guy’s a huge fraud.”

The supposed Lennon songs are at, but Harrington says, “If you say this is Lennon, this is just appalling. Even pre-Beatles, never were the lyrics this bad! Things like, We’ll laugh and sing and chat about things...Oh God.”

Harrington also notes that Bierman uses something called a four minor chord on the song “Surprise,” which he says Lennon used “very sparingly.”

The musicologist insists, “I hear him imitating and I know he’s influenced...I’m not saying the guy didn’t know him and love him.”

At the same time, he admits, “If I was involved with the Lennon estate at all I’d be mad as hell.”

Bierman’s response? “I may not ever play it 100 percent like John...It would be absolutely wrong not to give due credit to an author of a song.”

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