Monday, January 9, 2006

‘Oculas’ Set To Take Us Into The Future

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If Back to the Future II is any indication, in a few years we’ll be using hoverboards and lots of other futuristic gadgets.

British designer Lee McCormack believes this kind of future is not far off, especially because he’s invented The Oculas – five-and-a-half by six-foot fiberglass pods equipped with flat screen TVs, surround sound, integrated PCs and more.

Each pod has an upholstered interior and is designed for a full immersion music, gaming, business or relaxation experience.

Of the futuristic design, McCormack admits, “Right now it looks weird, but in a few years, I promise you, it will look normal.”

Some of the custom options available include a Pre-Production Suite with music-making software; a Therapy Suite with a shiatsu massage chair, light and sound therapy, and guided meditation; and an XBox 360/surround sound Gaming model, which coincidentally was shipped to the rapper The Game last week.

The Oculas can be rented for $320 a week or purchased at the starting price of $42,500 through the site

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