Friday, December 23, 2005

Utah Ranch A Real Paranormal Preserve

LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A ranch in Northeastern Utah may be the closest thing on Earth to a paranormal nature preserve.

It’s called the Skinwalker Ranch and it’s a 480-acre spread about 150 miles from Salt Lake City – and worlds away from anything else on this planet.

Investigative journalist George Knapp – who researched the Ranch for a new book, Hunt For The Skinwalker (Pocket Books) – says for the past 50 years, the ranch has been “a grab bag for every type of paranormal activity” including cattle mutilations, poltergeists, UFOs and even dinosaur-like creatures.

Even stranger: Knapp says scientists have catalogued credible reports of wolves the size of horses and evidence of dogs being vaporized into nothingness.

Though more research is needed, Knapp believes the weird activity may be caused by some dimensional portals and that the ranch happens to be a place where the lines between various worlds “are thin.”

Although lots of paranormal buffs want to explore the Skinwalker Ranch, Knapp says the place is too dangerous and prefers it stay a preserve where scientists can do in-depth studies of paranormal phenomena.

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