Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Producer Of ‘A Haunting’ Happy His Own House Isn’t Haunted

SUFFOLK, Va. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – When Larry Silverman signed on to be a part of the new Discovery Channel series A Haunting, he never knew he’d end up believing in ghosts.

Silverman is the show’s executive producer and admits, at first, he was skeptical about ghosts, but that changed after he interviewed several spooked out people for the show and carefully re-created their real-life hauntings.

Now, he says, “I’m glad I’m not haunted.”

He says one family was “so freaked out” by ghosts punching their mattresses under the bed that they called in the paranormal team who investigated the “Amityville Horror” for help as well as a medium who became possessed and wrote down spirits’ names.

The family soon learned that the home’s previous owners were haunting them but, unfortunately, the researchers recommended they stay put because the ghosts would follow them wherever they went.

The family still goes through “periodic disturbances,” and the clingy ghosts make Silverman wonder, “How can your home be a home?”

The first episode of A Haunting airs Oct. 28.

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