Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Office Product Fantasies Brought To Life In ‘Stooples’

MORRISTOWN, N.J. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – You could probably think of a million things that would make your office job easier, but do those things include “Portable Urinal Privacy Slats” or “Elevator Tragedy/Comedy Masks”?

Those are just a couple ideas found in the new office supply catalogue spoof, Stooples (St. Martin’s Press), which co-author Kevin Reifler says sprouted from “the inane aspect of office life.”

He admits kooky products like a “Performance Review Banjo” and a tension-breaking “Chuckles The Meeting Clown,” are based on things he’s always wanted at work, adding, “I want that ‘Bird Poop Head Cone.’”

In fact, Reifler wishes some of the products were real, such as the “Who Cut The Cheese?” Sodium Pentothal, to determine who’s guilty of passing gas during meetings.

In his words, “It’s very important to weed out these people, or at least monitor their lunches.”

While he knows the Stooples products are fantasies, Reifler says the catalogue is still a morale booster because, “It’ll make you take a step back and have you laughing at your problems instead of crying about them.”

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